Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bombing Shippensburg Road - Shippensburg side

It's hard to push it on this downhill because it's got to be the prettiest road in all of Michaux. Focus, pedal hard, stay aero, big gear, get that KOM!

Staley Road Climb from Old Forge

My second favorite forest road climb in Michaux. This climb starts at Old Forge Road with a steep 10% grade and a couple of switchbacks. The gradient settles down for the duration of the climb. At this point, if you want to make a run for the KOM, you'll want to push a big gear and pedal hard. The smooth, hard dirt base of Staley favors a light bike with a less-aggressive tread pattern.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Shippensburg Road Climb - Shippensburg Side

Possibly the best road climb in all of Michaux. This segment is 4.6 miles long and gains 1150 ft of elevation as it tracks along Shippensburg Road to the top of Big Flats area. While it is may not look steep from an elevation profile, the average 4.7% grade will eventually drain the strength and will power of most riders, just in time for the grade to pick up to an average of 6.5% over the final mile. A word of warning, the Strava segment begins at the Shippensburg Road/Whitmer/Baltimore Road intersection and finishes up at the Ridge Road (forest road) turnoff on the right. There are several segments on Strave ending at various points as far away as Big Flats Parking Area, so keep the pedals spinning if your KOM hunting.

Southern Gas

Southern Gas Trail is a 4 mile singletrack trail that starts and ends along High Rock Road. The trail loses 400 feet of elevation over 4 miles, but don't let that fool you into thinking this is a downhill segment. With the combination of a soft base, tight turns, rockgardens, and short climbs, most riders are left gasping for air at the end of this trail. A word of warning: The trailhead can be hard to find, and the trail hard to follow, so it is best to track using a GPS or with someone that has rode the trail before.
How did this get here?

Chickadee ATV Trail

Chickadee follow an ATV trail going parallel with Old Forge Road. While this segment flows well in either direction, it is most often started by turning right off of Rattlesnake Run Road, shortly after you go over the bridge and past the entrance to the Waynesboro Water Filtration Plant. Chickadee starts off as mostly flat doubletrack ATV segment that eventually turns into a 1/3 mile rocky climb and culminates with a quick descent. The trail ends at the intersection of Wirt Road and Old Forge Road.

Rocky Ridge

Rocky Ridge, the name says it all. When some of the best mountain bike riders on the east coast average only 6 mph on a 2 mile segment, you know it's going to be tough! Rocky Ridge is a highly technical 2 mile long rock garden with a few patches of dirt that can be used to fix your bike on. This trail is not for the weak of heart, or the weak at all.

Southern Gas Extension

Southern Gas Extension is a tight, mildly technical downhill singletrack. Starting at the intersection of Rattlesnake Run Road and High Rock Road, you'll follow a grassy jeep road for approximately 100 yards. Southern Gas Extension will veer to the right, and starts out as a flat, slightly rocky, singletrack segment. The trail eventually turns into a quick descent down the side of the mountain ending on a doubletrack ATV trail (Chickadee) near the Waynesboro Water Filtration Plant.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Secret Trail (Upper Section)

This is the upper segment of blue blazed 'secret' trail that starts above the old mill/furnace ruins on Rt 233 and stops at the District Road Bridge. Secret trail continues on to the Totem Pole Playhouse entrance.