Thursday, October 7, 2010

Snakes or Watch Where You Step!

Came across this Rat Snake while on the pipeline just off Rattlesnake Run Road.  Notice the bulge in the snakes belly?  Looks like he just had some dinner.  The rat snake is considered the largest snake in Pennsylvania and can grow up to 8' feet in length.  The pictured snake was about 4' - 5' long.

I got a little curious about the snake and found these links at the PA fish commission website:

A few things I didn't know about venemous snakes in Pennsylvania:
  • Shape of the head (snakes 101).
  • Shape of the eye.  Snakes in PA that are venemous have catlike eyes.
  • Scales on the Tail.  Venemous PA snakes have lines in the tail, whereas the non-venemous have a double-scaled tail.

"In fact, even in Michaux’ day, when snakes were more plentiful, death by rattlesnake bite appears to have been rare. Pennsylvania rattlesnakes tend to be secretive and docile. They are more likely to hide or move away, if given the chance, than confront a human. Ironically, venom from snakes is also being used in research on treatments for hypertension, heart attacks and cancer."

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